Everyone wish to look beautiful. Some are blessed naturally and for others they are blessed to have us!

Welcome to Arihant Advanced Cosmetic and Beauty Centre where we ceaselessly work towards gifting a desired beauty and cosmetic solution to our esteemed clients and fulfil their dream to look their best.

Catering to comprehensive range of beauty and cosmetic care services in the most advanced and state of the art setup under the guidance of expert and experience healthcare professionals, Arihant is becoming instrumental in gifting that confident and beautiful look countless aspiring clients.

The person behind the idea – Dr. Bijal Jain is a certified cosmetologist with an illustrious experience in the field of cosmetology. She is a lifetime member of AAFASI and has specialised interest in weight reduction solutions through advanced Cosmetic and Beauty Solutions.


A dream to fulfill the dream of beauty and perfection was envisioned ever since we started the journey.

In this fiercely competitive world, perfect beauty and figure adds loads of confidence and attitude to your persona

The Idea of Arihant was conceived with a vision to make it possible for one and all.



To provide the most advanced and comprehensive range of beauty and cosmetic services at the most reasonable rate with world-class professionalism and precision.